The 4 Most Important Steps When Creating Your App


People often come to us with a problem – they’ve been developing their apps for a while, but completion is nowhere in sight. They outsourced to a freelancer or development firm because the price was super low, but now they’re in trouble. The app isn’t working as  planned or work just isn’t getting done. Outsourcing usually involves dealing with a person who may not understand your language or goals, and might leave you stranded seeking help. Unfortunately many people get burned by hiring the wrong individuals or companies, and waste precious time and money.


Here Are The 4 Most Important Steps When Creating Your App:


1) Extensively plan out your project in the beginning

The best way to avoid confusion during development is to plan before development. This may sound obvious, but most projects don’t have a in depth specification sheet listing all planned features. You should always have detailed mockups, ideas, and features BEFORE speaking to a potential developer.


2) Focus only on necessary features for the first version 

Avoid throwing every feature under the sun into your app. Too many features will confuse users and dilute the usefulness of your app. You should keep the initial feature set small, as you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add features later on.


3) Hire great developers & designers

It goes without saying that a major factor in the success of your app is hiring the right talent. The old school way was to interview, research, and test dozens of freelancers and companies. Nowadays there are various solutions including Brightalyze, which review and screen potential candidates for you. This is the recommended way to go, and the cost difference is often negligible.


4) Hold developers & designers accountable

You need to constantly be monitoring the progression of your app project – the developer or designer should be providing frequent updates, usually weekly. If there is anything of concern on these updates be sure to speak up and let them know. Unless you tell them otherwise, most people will just assume the project is coming out exactly what you want it to. This can lead to problems down the road. Some companies help you manage expectations and work, and Brightalyze does just that. If you ever experience problems, be sure to tackle them right away so they don’t become larger.